We have chosen to print

We offer our customers the best in creativity, know-how and precision. We continuously optimize our processes, taking ecological aspects into account.


We have the entire range of textile fabric printing at our disposal, as well as all printing processes with selected dyes of the highest quality and fastness. Our engravings are characterized by high precision and best interpretation of the designs.


We offer all known printing techniques such as flatscreen, rotary-screen, digital and transfer printing. The printed materials are almost unlimited: Cotton, silk, polyester, wool and mixtures thereof.


4 Flatscreen printing tables (each 65 yards)

unlimited number of colours, also oversized repeats possible,

1.75 yards printing width

3 Flatscreen printing machines

up to 20 colours and 1.75 yards fabric width or up to 12 colours and 2.62 yards usable printing width

1 Rotary printing machine

up to 10 colours, repeat 0.7yard, 1.75 yards printing width

3 Digital printing machines

for printing on fabric with unlimited number of colours and unlimited repeat length, 3.5 yards printing width

1 Transfer printing machine

for transfer paper with unlimited number of colours and unlimited repeat length, 1.58 yards fabric width